Central Florida Short Sale Listings - Worthy Investments!

Many short sales result in huge discounts for first time homebuyers, real estate investor, and flippers, which puts them in a position to gain instant equity and to start making money right from the moment they take over the property. The short sales on homelis.com are opportunities for any user willing to do a little extra work to get the deal done.

In a short sale, the mortgage loan on the property is in default, and the lender and borrower are looking for a solution. The lender may accept less than the amount owing on the loan to satisfy the debt. This avoids a costly and time-consuming foreclosure. Lenders know they will lose money on nearly every property they foreclose, so agreeing to a short sale allows them to take an early loss and get the distressed loan off their books. 

The short sales listings on homelis.com are constantly being updated, so if you do not see what you are looking for right now, you can sign up for our email alerts and we will let you know as new opportunities in the short sale market become available.

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